Iron Dog Brigade

Back in 1975, several early pioneers in the sport of snowmobiling thought it would be good idea to form an “Old Timers Club”. They were the founders and employees of different manufacturers and, while fierce competitors, realized the industry could benefit from such a group working together to promote the new sport.

Iron Dog Brigade display at the HQIt was to be a “social and honorary type of organization that could make a solid contribution to the furtherance of the sport and industry which continues to mean so much to all of us,” as stated in their first meeting. 

Soon they had a list of possible members and met in Minneapolis to formally organize. A set of by-laws was agreed upon and the group chose the name Iron Dog Brigade as their official title.

Over the years the organization has grown to 125 members who are inducted at their annual meeting during the International Snowmobile Congress each June. Membership is by nomination with the main requirement being that the nominee having served at least 15 years in the sport of snowmobiling either in industry, journalism, pioneer, government or volunteer service.

Many of the “Dogs” are also members of the International Snowmobile Hall of Fame.

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