Learn About 100 Years of Snowmobile History

See the history of snowmobiling through the many people and machines that started, nurtured and developed the sport.

Showcase, Preserve, Honor and Promote World Snowmobile Headquarters Museum

Officially recognized as the Snowmobile Capital of the World® and home of the World Championship Snowmobile Derby for more than 60 years, Eagle River, Wisconsin is also home of the World Snowmobile Headquarters museum. The Headquarters, aka “HQ,” showcases many snowmobile groups that have been or are instrumental in the development and operation of the sport of snowmobiling.

Our goal is to publicly showcase both the people and the machines that have taken the sport from its infancy to the present day. We always enjoy hearing from snowmobilers from all around the world and have many visitors stopping by the museum to share memories, exchange snowmobiling stories and capture some unique photos while here.

See our About page and enjoy a mini tour through the museum. You can also scroll and check out World Snowmobile Headquarters on Facebook to comment, share or like some of our latest content and highlights so we can reach even more visitors with a passion for snowmobiling just like you. There is plenty to see in person here, so feel free to stop by and see us.

Thanks for visiting and Think Snow!

Featured Exhibit World Snowmobile Championship Derby Hall of Fame

More than 60 years of snowmobile racing with hundreds of racing photos & memorabilia on display to prove it. 

Featured Exhibit Antique Snowmobile Club of America

From some of the early 1950s vintage snowmobiles to today's models, including racing, you'll see it here at the HQ. 

Featured Exhibit International Snowmobile Hall of Fame

Saluting those who have made notable contributions to the sport of snowmobiling throughout the years.