Local Snowmobile Clubs

Snowmobile clubs are made up of volunteers, who are often just a handful of people that do the heavy lifting for the rest of us, and often, all done without pay. They attend local, provincial, and national meetings and coordinate with many landowners. These volunteers also brush, mark and groom trails, as well as take care of the day to day running organizations. Without these dedicated snowmobilers, we would not enjoy the snowmobile trails. One way the museum focuses on these people and the clubs that make snowmobiling so great, is to display many Local Snowmobile Club items.

Is your Local Snowmobile Club represented at the World Snowmobile Headquarters yet?

We need your HELP to preserve more Snowmobile Club History. One goal is to feature ALL SNOWMOBILE CLUBS… similar to “the Parade of Nations at the Olympics,” instead of showing FLAGS, our museum wants to display your Snowmobile Club items: Patches, Pins, Decals, Coasters, etc.

Make a difference today and Help us GROW this Snowmobile Community one Patch, Pin and Decal at a time, by dropping off or sending your Snowmobile Club Items to the museum for display. Thank you, Local Snowmobile Clubs, for all you do. We value and appreciate your time and efforts supporting this museum.

Mail your club item(s) to the museum:

World Snowmobile Headquarters
1521 N. Railroad Street
Eagle River, WI 54521

Phazer Square

Charitable Gift Recognition Pillar of Strength

Our Pillar of Strength charitable gift recognition program for both individuals and businesses helps support the ongoing operations of the HQ and includes a custom brass plaque personalized with your name, family name or organization that will appear on the walls of the HQ for all to see upon making your donation.