Feature Photo Thirsty Dogs Display 04-27-22

Thirsty Dogs Thirst for Knowledge of Snowmobiling

The Thirsty Dogs Organization was established in 1985 at the International Snowmobile Congress in South Dakota as a fun organization dedicated to the “Thirst for Knowledge of Snowmobiling”.

We have no meetings, no bylaws, no rules, and a dog for a President! What could be more fun!

We have an OFFICIAL THIRSTY DOG PIN of our mascot, a basset hound named Dudley.

An Annual “Gathering of the Dogs” event is held each year in June at the International Snowmobile Congress in the United States or Canada. Here we induct all the new “Pups” who joined throughout the year. After the induction ceremony, the inducted Pups become part of the official “Thirsty Dogs”.

Each year at the International Snowmobile Congress, we sell one special limited edition “Thirsty Dog Trinket” to those in attendance at the Congress. The money raised from the pin and trinket sales comes from snowmobilers and is all donated back to snowmobile organizations and causes that help promote snowmobiling. Several of our past trinkets, are on display at the World Snowmobile Headquarters, museum.

Since the inception of the Thirsty Dogs, we have donated over $60,000. Thank you all for your support.

Please know that your donation to the Thirsty Dogs organization, will go back to snowmobiling to help support the snowmobile lifestyle we all enjoy.

Thirsty Dogs Founders Joann Smith and Marlys Knutson
Basset Hound Dudley is the Thirsty Dogs’ Mascot
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Charitable Gift Recognition Pillar of Strength

Our Pillar of Strength charitable gift recognition program for both individuals and businesses helps support the ongoing operations of the HQ and includes a custom brass plaque personalized with your name, family name or organization that will appear on the walls of the HQ for all to see upon making your donation.