Eagle River, Wisconsin World Snowmobile Headquarters

The Eagle River, Wisconsin based museum, the World Snowmobile Headquarters, known as "the HQ," has an ongoing mission of being “dedicated to providing a venue to showcase, preserve, honor and promote the people and machines who have created and maintain the sport of snowmobiling.” We are operated by those who have a sincere passion for the sport of snowmobiling and its past.

Our goal is to publicly showcase both the people and the machines that have taken the sport from its infancy to the present day. We always enjoy hearing from snowmobilers from all around the world and have many visitors stopping by the HQ to share memories, exchange snowmobiling stories and capture some unique photos while here too.

Enjoy a mini tour through the museum by watching the four videos below.

Chief Executive Officer
Tom Anderson - McFarland, WI

Director of Operations
Scott Anderson​ - Eagle River, WI

Creative Director
Sarah Anderson - Eagle River, WI

​Howard (Rusty) Wolf - Eagle River, WI

March 22, 2022
Fun tour of the World Snowmobile Headquarters museum with Mary Mack and Drink Wisconsinbly


March 19, 2021
World Snowmobile Headquarters Tour with Haley Shanley


March 27, 2018
Small Towns: Snowmobile Hall of Fame Museum with NBC26 TV- Green Bay, WI


October 13, 2014
BRAAAP Films - World Snowmobile Headquarters Tour

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Charitable Gift Recognition Pillar of Strength

Our Pillar of Strength charitable gift recognition program for both individuals and businesses helps support the ongoing operations of the HQ and includes a custom brass plaque personalized with your name, family name or organization that will appear on the walls of the HQ for all to see upon making your donation.