The Derby Archives A Service to Document Racing Snowmobiles

The Entry Forms from 1966-1990 for the World Championship Snowmobile Derby have been discovered. After months of organizing the forms, we will be able to determine if a racing snowmobile has participated at the Eagle River Derby. The Derby did not begin to require Serial #’s for registration until 1968 so, a search for 1966 or 1967 does not apply.

What’s required:

  1. Clear close-up pictures of the Chassis and Engine #’s and/or Data Plates.
  2. A written description of the Year, Make, Model, Engine size & serial #’s.
  3. Pictures of the complete sled and/or engine.

We will under no circumstances give out serial #’s or entry forms without the required information.

This service will be “no charge” for each serial # search.

If we determine your chassis and/or engine serial # was entered at the Derby, we will notify you that there is a “Hit” and your # has shown to have been entered at the Eagle River Derby.

The charge for a full search and documentation is $250 for each serial # search. We will conduct a thorough search and documentation process and you will receive a copy of the original entry form for the year/years it was entered.

The Derby Archives will maintain a file for each documented sled for future reference.

Email address:
Checks should be made out to: John Dietz
Mailing address:
John Dietz
PO Box 371
Eagle River, WI 54521

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